While coming into class over previous months, many students looked happy but some sad. Every student is an individual with their own story. Sometimes, these stories can be a barrier against completing their course. I made it my mission to motivate these students by looking at them and reminding them “you can do it. Don’t let anything stop you.” Students going through hardship, that have lost hope in themselves were supported on Wednesdays and provided with enthusiasm and praise to assist with their confidence and knowledge in Early Childhood Education. “We look forward to Wednesdays” said one of the students and I realised, I am on a mission.

Today, our Wednesday class has reached their goals. After months of hard work, dedication and perseverance they can now say “Mission accomplished.” As a trainer, this is the most satisfying and happiest of events for me, allowing me to love my work even more. The students, despite their endless praise, really do deserve the credit for giving it 100% and receiving their Diplomas. With much laughter and tears, there’s nothing better in life than for any us to say “I did it!” Well done class 36DIPCHILD17 and I wish you the best in your future endeavours 🙂