Family owned and run for over twenty years, H&H Training has become one of the leading accredited providers of government funded projects for vocational education while expertly training the community service and business sectors.

Located in the heart of Granville, H&H cater to a wide range of students and jobseekers inclusive of all backgrounds and cultures. By providing ongoing support and addressing individual needs through face to face study, distance education (at home) and traineeships, H&H students achieve qualifications and employment in the field of their choice including childcare, aged care, disability and business.

The training facilities are well equipped, recognising the student's needs for a warm, friendly environment and H&H trainers are highly qualified with loads of industry experience. H&H take enrolments all year round so you can always step into your new future.

“At H&H we have a strict recruiting process that is in accordance with the National VET Regulations. Our trainers are qualified Workplace Trainers and Assessors, as well as holding relevant qualifications and extensive industry experience in the H&H course they will be delivering.”