Improved Career Stability? h&h Can Help!

Is improved career stability something you're looking for? If the recent Covid-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that very few industries offer career stability. However, in this current climate, there are some industries like aged and disability care, and...

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Tax time for students

Tax time is just around the corner. At h&h, we advise students that it is always better to be prepared in life than caught out with a nasty surprise down the track (like a fine for late lodgement). Being organised always puts you a step ahead in life, especially...

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Male Childcare Workers

Male childcare workers are every bit as essential as their female counterparts. At h&h, we believe that male childcare workers offer positive male role models and give their charges a well-rounded perspective on life. With this in mind, we welcome male childcare...

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Coping With Demands

Coping With Demands Coping with demands that life throws our way is not always easy. This is particularly true of the world's current state, as we have seen 2020 get off to a fairly rough start! To help in coping with demands, we asked Marnie Le Fevre, a best-selling...

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How Much Will My Course Cost?

'How much will my course cost?' 'How much will my course cost?" This is a question we are asked on almost a daily basis here at h&h Accredited Training. It's a very good question too, and the answer varies according to each student’s situation. While all our...

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Our Childcare Trainer – Sherin

Our new childcare trainer, Sherin Nurani, hails from Western India. She says she has a passion for mentoring her students and loves shaping the leaders of tomorrow. In this blog, we chat to her about guiding her students and igniting their passion for this wonderful...

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Get The Most From Your Adult Education

Want to get the most from your adult education? It's easy. As adults, we have a tendency to overthink things and we can often be quite hard on ourselves. We may feel we are ‘too old’ to begin a new career or ‘not qualified enough’ or just plain ‘too busy’ to take on a...

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Disability Care Work – Is it for you?

Disability care work offers job satisfaction like few other employment choices do. Have you chosen to do a course in disability with h&h? Good for you! You’ve have chosen the most wonderful decision that will set you on a truly rewarding career path! 

In this...

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