h&h graduates go on to enjoy exciting and rewarding careers in Aged, Child or Disability care sectors, or in business roles. One of these h&h graduates is the lovely Olivia Brettle, who studied Aged Care and Individual Support with us in 2013 and 2014.

Coincidentally, Olivia actually cared for a staff member's late stepfather, Neville, in a high care dementia ward at Harbison Nursing Home.

“Neville was such a lovely a man and a dream to care for," Olivia recalls. "Even when he was in the very advanced stages of his disease, he was always smiling, and kindness just beamed from his eyes. People like him are the reason I got into this industry."

Growing Her Skills

Olivia sill works at Harbison and is looking forward to growing her skills to advance into nursing.

“I am currently studying nursing! That’s the great thing about h&h, the courses allow you to springboard to great heights in your career. The teachers are wonderful, too. Chris Whymark was my teacher and she was fantastic. She is really compassionate and she loves what she does. I also really like how organised the college is and how friendly the receptionists are."

A Positive Study Experience

Olivia found her courses to be detailed and her experience at h&h was very positive.

“The course content was thorough; teachers were knowledgeable and always available. I’ve been to other colleges where I felt like I was a number, but h&h made me feel like I could ask anything at any time."

Life After Graduation

Now that she has graduated, Olivia loves her position at Harbison and says the job satisfaction is tremendous.

“The best part of my day is arriving at work! I love getting to work early, making a coffee whilst listening to handover and preparing for my day with the residents," she says enthusiastically. Although, she does admit there are some hard aspects to her job.

“The hardest part is when we lose a resident. Preparing for a death of a resident you’ve developed a connection and a friendship with can be heart wrenching, which was the case with Neville. It’s especially difficult. However, you do learn techniques for handling this in your studies and throughout your course. I also find that sharing your grief with other staff members and colleagues can really help, and make sure you have a solid, positive circle of friends outside of work, as well as a happy social life.

“I honestly would recommend the care industry so highly. It is extremely rewarding. My advice to anyone inclined to enter this line of work is to always be kind, as kindness can go a long way. Patience is also important as is learning to work in a team cooperatively. These are all skills that you learn or learn to enhance when you study with h&h.”

Thanks to Olivia for sharing her wonderful story! If you want to know more, please contact us


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