Coping With Life’s Demands, by Richard Branson’s ex-Sales Manager!

Richard Branson’s ex-Sales Manager Marnie Le Fevre (who is also a best-selling author, and recently launched business coaching website FEMPIRE) has shared her tips to empower people through entrepreneurship and embracing the female energy within us. We believe this works for men too – particularly in care industries.

And that is why we wanted to share her best tips with you – after all she learnt from the best entrepreneur there is – Sir Richard Branson!

Marnie says: “Richard was an inspiration and I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with him, however becoming a mother is what truly ignited my entrepreneurial spirit, because I wanted to shape my work around my kids, not the other way around.”

We bet that resonates with a lot of our students, male or female - who are parents and have jobs and are trying to fit their studies in too!

Marnie understands the demands and obligations placed on women, mothers and people in general today and she’s trying to make it easier for them to succeed on their terms.

Here are her top tips for reaching your potential!

  1. Embrace the bad days
    “Some days are going to be hard,” says Marnie. “You need to have a support team on speed dial. The kind of people you know will have your back, listen to you rant and hold you as you cry. Don’t hold back, have a good, ugly cry - it’s cathartic.”This could be your Mum, Dad or even your dog. But remember, it can also be your team at h&h - your fellow students, your teacher, trainer or even the helpful admin staff. We are always here for you.  And as always, remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’.

    2. Ask for help!
    “You don’t need to do everything on your own and nor should you,” stresses Marnie.  As in Point One, above, find a group of people you can share your struggles with, that you know have our back 100 percent. That is us at h&h – we are only a phone call, email or visit to our admin office away!

    3. Make time for you.
    “Fill your cup first and whatever runs over is for everyone else,” advises Marnie. “You can’t continuously run from an empty cup, it will affect your health, sleep, relationships and your overall wellbeing. Then you are no good to anyone – especially not yourself.”

    4. Learn to say NO.
    It’ll be the most powerful thing you’ve ever done, and it will free up your time to work on projects that fulfil YOU.

    5. Do Something Small Every Day
    “Regarding your business, do something small every day if you can, rather than let your dream go,” says Marnie. All of your small actions will add up and pay off eventually in ways you could never imagine!

    6. Done is better than perfect.
    “It’ll never be perfect,” Marnie reminds us. There’s no such thing!

    “Press go, launch, take action now. Perfection and procrastination are a huge business killer. The sooner you stop trying to make it perfect the sooner your business will fly.”

    7. Be kind to yourself.
    You are doing the best you can and that is enough. Also, you need to avoid burnout, so do take time to tings you love – it might be yoga, reading a great work of fiction, or going for a bike ride. Taking time out is imperative for all of us in life to relax and rejuvenate.

  2. Know your WHY
    This should be something that resonates deep in your soul. WHY are you doing your course? Always refer back to it when things get tough. It will help keep you focused.
  3. Delegate
    “I am a great delegator,” says Marnie. “I delegate whenever I can.” It might be getting hubby to cook dinner or the kids to clean the house, but delegate hat you can so you can concentrate on what you need to do to propel you forward in your studies and career. 
  4. Sleep
    “It is the BEST tonic to when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You think better when you are not exhausted,” says Marnie. Take a nap before 2pm in the day if you can and always ensure you get a good night of uninterrupted sleep. Avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least three hours before you go to bed as they are well known sleep disrupters.11. Use intuition first and logic second.
    Marnie says: “Something can look really good on paper but if it doesn't feel right, then likely, it’s not right.” She uses her intuition first when making all her business decisions, from hiring people to investing opportunities. She says when she ignores it, she pays for it.

    12. Embrace Your Confidence
    You do have it – it is there inside you somewhere. Let it out!! Marnie says the biggest challenge she sees is too many people lacking the confidence and courage to go after their dreams.

    “They are smart, capable, dynamic and savvy but the majority lack the confidence and self-belief to chase their dreams, to charge what they are worth, to take action without apology. Many lack the courage to share their voice and be heard. I find it heartbreaking and I have to admit frustrating, because it’s so obvious how amazing they are.

    “We need to do whatever it takes to show our sons and daughters, and generations of to come, that WE CAN. We can have it all. We can have a family and a business or career, and our family doesn’t have to suffer, and neither do we. I have proven this, and I hope that my story encourages others to believe that they can achieve anything they set their hearts and minds to.”

If you need any assistance in any area of you studies, or just need a friendly ear, remember to get in touch with us at h&h. email us at, contact us via our Facebook page or simply drop by our office. We would love to see you.