Five Ways to Rethink The Weekend and Reboot Your Week

We all think of the weekend as two very well-deserved days off, and so we should. However, if you weave a little organisational into your precious two days of R&R, it can help make your working and studying life a lot more successful. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Cook for the week ahead
    Few things are worse than scrambling around for a lunchtime sandwich or coming home to cook a meal after a long day studying or working. With winter on its way, now is the time to cook up some beautiful stews and casseroles and store them to take to work or college or eat for dinner when you get home. Likewise, you can make some sandwiches with freezable fillings and keep them in a zip lock bag, ready to go with you as you’re rush pout the door in the morning. This will also save you money on store-bought lunches!
  2. Get Your Ironing Done
    We all need crumple-free clothes for college attendance or work meetings but waiting to iron on the day is not only stressful, it is time wasting. Take time on the weekend to get through your ironing – or any other household chore for that matter - whilst you’re watching your favourite film on TV, listening to a new pod cast, or binge watching your fave Netflix show.
  3. Learn to Prioritise Weekend Time
    Weekend chores are unavoidable and do eat into our relaxation time, but If you prioritise your important weekend tasks, like lawn mowing, gardening, laundry and so on, you will have more time for downtime, such as getting out for a bike ride, or enjoying a new release movie with a loved one or great friend. Putting them off only makes things more stressful and will keep you thinking about them the entire two days you have off
  4. Take on Extra Study Tasks
    While this might seem like a chore, it can be enjoyable, and it will give you a boost in your studies. Why not get together with some class members and organise a social study group every second Saturday? You can do it at a local café, go over some of the work you’ve been learning and enjoy some social time too!
  5. Don’t Dread Sunday Night
    This is easier said than done – we all get a sinking feeling when we know Monday or looming. However, it can be made magnificent with a weekly Sunday night ritual! Gather your family and cook a special meal each week. Or plan a social activity that will recharge and refresh you, ready for the week of successful study! And don’t forget, we are always here at h&h to help you along the way, so if at any stage your feel slightly overwhelmed or stressed, please speak to us and we will help.