One of the biggest reasons someone will put off studying, is finding the time to add study to their already busy life – most of us have family, work and social commitments, so adding ‘study’ to that mix seems almost impossible.  Then there are the assessments and homework!!

People may ask you the question, ‘why do you need to do this?’ ignore them, do this for yourself, do this for a tremendous sense of achievement and do this to give yourself opportunities.

It may have been a while since you studied, and it may need some ‘work’ to get back into the discipline of studying but it will be worth it

Worrying about not coping, or being unsuccessful, may be preventing you from starting the road to ‘opportunities’.  You will have all the support you need from trainers and assessors as you begin this journey, which means unless you adopt the Australian slogan of ‘have a go’, you will never know what studying allowed you to accomplish

H&H has courses that cover Aged Care, Child Care, Disability Services and Business, from entry level to Diploma.  These courses allow you to prepare for changing your career path to a new industry, or to advance your career with your current employer.  If you’re interested in learning more about our courses please visit our site at www.hnh.org.au or talk to us on  (02) 96 820 100 .