“As your teacher I promise you that I will be in all of three places: In front of you to cheer you on, behind you to have your back, and next to you so you aren’t walking alone.”

I’m a mother of two beautiful children. I’m also a child care trainer and to this day, I remember the name of my teachers. Those who always motivated me to do my best. I listened and followed their guidelines throughout my career and today, I’m what I want to be! I would like to share this as I am proudly doing the same with my students. When they start their course, especially those studying for the first time in Australia or from different sectors other than child care, students are initially hesitant in the completion of their assignments and tasks, they think they can’t do it. However, through encouragement to at least try, they soon realise it’s not impossible. I remind them “Impossible is not in my dictionary.” I always listen to their struggles, guiding them in a positive way. Initially, one of my classes felt lost but with encouragement and extra assistance, I did what I could for them within my professional boundaries. It was an incredible moment for me as a trainer, when most of them got the jobs they wanted. When I visit them today, they’re always thankful and very respectful. I believe all students should be inspired to learn and be motivated; motivation plays a vital role. The management at H&H believe in me which in turn allows me to give my students great support and mentoring. The best reward for me is when students place their trust in me, knowing I am going to help them.