Wondering what you’re going to study can be a hard decision for anyone to make. There are so many course options and styles of study to consider that it can be overwhelming to go through them all. For those interested in working in the aged care field, we’ve decided to interview someone who is currently working in aged care to give you insight on their day to day:

What Does An Aged Care Worker Do ?

Our aim is to make the resident as comfortable as we can in a homely environment. We always need to remember that we are in THEIR home. Each day is different, we can be taking someone to an activity (sometimes individual or group) or helping with daily care routines. An aged care worker is either a Certificate III or IV qualified worker.

What Do Nurses Do In Aged Care ?

We have a couple of Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses working in our Aged Care facility. They generally administer medication, talk to families about medical interventions, assist and set up individual care plans, support us in our roles and daily tasks with the residents. They are our go to people when we need advice, assistance or help with the resident.

What Do Aged Care Workers Do ?

We talk to families and friends of the residents to make sure we are all doing the best possible job for the person (and understanding their individual needs). On a daily basis we shower, feed, walk, dress, entertain and chat with all the residents.

How To Care For The Aged ?

Respect is the key to caring for our elderly. It is a very rewarding and yet a very personal job. When we care for them, we are being their carer, friend and family. We always know that we are completing very personal tasks that sometimes can be quite confronting, but if we communicate throughout the processes, we find we can minimize the uncomfortable feeling they may be having.

When we are caring for a resident we put ourselves in their shoes, and try to think on how they may be feeling or how our grandparents would be if they had a carer assisting them. This way we can try to understand how they may be feeling and provide better care.

In Aged Care, we have handover at the commencement and completion of every shift. We have to write notes on each shift with changes in the residents or anything we notice that is necessary for other staff to know. We have a great team we work with and enjoy seeing each other.

Lots of us work different shifts and pick up shifts when carers are sick or on leave. There are morning, afternoon and night shifts. We work for 8 hour days.

Why Choose To Work In Aged Care ?

The aged care industry is a rewarding industry where we are able to make a big difference in someone’s life. To see the smile on a residents face is so nice. When they ask for a carer by name, its wonderful feeling. It makes a person feel like they are really contributing to a nicer environment for the resident. The shift work fits into a lifestyle if you have children or are studying.

Why Study Aged Care In Australia ?

Many of the workers in our facility are from other countries. They are always telling us that the courses they have done here in Australia are so different to the ones they did back home in their country. The work experience component is what they enjoyed the most. Being able to put in to practice what they learnt in their classroom.

Why Be An Aged Care Nurse ?

Enjoy watching the residents smile or engage in activities that they wouldn't normally participate in. Getting to know family members and seeing their faces when their loved ones are enjoying activities such as a musical afternoon or singing along when normally they did not have a lot of interaction with people apart from their family. Getting a sense of satisfaction that you are helping in your community. You are making a difference in someone’s life.

Who Writes Care Plans In Aged Care?

The Registered Nurse with the assistance from other medical staff  (sometimes including occupational therapists, doctors, specialists, family members, community health etc)

What Are Some Barriers To Effective Communication When Working In Aged Care?

Many of our residents have dementia, so we have to learn different ways to communicate. We learn what the resident likes to do or maybe something the family tells us that made them happy before. We can incorporate this into our communication. For example, many of the residents enjoy music, we play a lot of music, this sometimes has a lovely effect on the residents and they start singing, when they normally have limited speech with us. This is such a positive effect on staff and the resident.

Can I Work In Aged Care While Studying?

Many of the Aged Care workers are studying their Certificate IV in Ageing to learn more about supervising in the facility and an introduction to medications. Most carers have their Certificate III already. Some carers are currently doing their enrolled nursing and Registered Nurse training.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in aged care please visit our page at https://www.hnh.org.au/agedcare/ for more details about our aged care courses.