Disability care services in NSW provide support to the many people with intellectual or physical disability. It is a rewarding career choice with many career paths stemming from disability services study. Not only do you usually support the person that has the disabilities but also often to the family or carer of the person with disability as well.

The support services offered from qualified people are designed to assist the individual with their life skills, while improving their health, independence and general wellbeing.

Once qualified, you will be able to support people in their homes and in residential or community facilities.  The support worker will assist their clients with important details including, personal care and grooming, medication and daily living skills.

Disability studies cover a range of topics including, healthcare, behavioural support, community participation, social activities, work, health and safety (WHS) and support for relationships, carers and families.   Your studies will give you the knowledge and practical skills needed to work in the various community settings.

H&H has courses that cover Aged Care, Child Care, Disability Services and Business, from entry level to Diploma.  These courses allow you to prepare for changing your career path to a new industry, or to advance your career with your current employer.  If you’re interested in learning more about our courses please visit our site at www.hnh.org.au or talk to us on  (02) 968 201 00